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12 Apr 2011
Flowers @ the NEX Flower shop

I have recently gone in to the flower shop at the NEX and I was greeted by a lovely lady named Maddie.  I have to say, she was very helpful and pleasant to talk to.  I had to ask about a wedding bouquet and some small table arrangements that I need done, and the flower shop is going to charge WAY less than "out in town" will.  She was willing to hear what I have to say, what I want and how I would like it, and was not trying to push me into more arrangements, like the "out in town" florists are trying to do.

I also was pleasantly surprised at the prices of the flowers, they are reasonably priced for being Europe.  I know that we are not in the States.... so the prices that I am going to pay for flowers is a lil higher... but it is not bad to pay 2$ a stem for tulips ...... since they are traveling from Holland...  I don't have to travel there to get them.

13 Apr 2011
Re: Flowers @ the NEX Flower shop

You can't beat the price compared to 1-800 flowers! Great job she does and a lovely lady. My wife is very impressed with her work. I bought these flowers on saturday and they still look SO fresh! iPhone picture doesn't do justice.

20 Apr 2011
Re: Flowers @ the NEX Flower shop

Flowers died 1 week and 3 days! Not bad.

I must say!