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02 Apr 2011
Free toddler open gym?

   Hello all, I was told by someone I met passing by walking on base that there was some sort of open gym for toddlers that was held maybe 2 times a week. ??? I would like info on location, times, ages and activities if anyone knows. Still new here and not quite sure since I can't seem to find anything advertised for it. Thanks a ton, I appreciate it :)

03 Apr 2011
Re: Free toddler open gym?

There is a open gym on Mondays and Fridays at the Youth Center starting at 9am! I never took my little one to the open gym, so I don't know what activities they offer.

Have you heard of the Connect the Tots Club? You might want to check their website out! Have been a member for a year now, and really love it. Here is the link to the website:

We have a Coffee Talk by the Navy Lodge on Wednesday at 10:15am, if you want to stop by and meet some of the members!

04 Apr 2011
Re: Free toddler open gym?

We go every so often to open gym.  It is not structured unless the parents do something.  There are hula hoops, balls, and some gymnastic mats laid out.  It is Mondays and Fridays from 9 until 12.  I am a member of Connect the Tots.  We have several activities going on!  Check out the Calendar and come to an event to learn more about the club!!