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02 Apr 2011
Expiration Station

I honestly just want to see how many of you find the commissary as shady as I do. Don't know how many times I have purchased expired or rotten items from them since being here. Missing a few items here and there I can understand, sure. But if you notice they will put the expired items towards the front so it gets sold first, and CONSUMED by us. I have seen expired baby formula and canned goods all the time. Maybe I am just upset man-wife  : ) Just really wondering if I am the only person who feels this way. Maybe my business with them should expire......and.......drum roll.

02 Apr 2011
Re: Expiration Station

You are absolutely RIGHT! I personally took Beef Jerky off the shelf to show them that is was "GROWING HAIR!" YUCK!!!!!! They just said thank you and left the remainder (with the the same expiration date) on the shelf...Makes you wonder.

08 Apr 2011
Re: Expiration Station

Unfortunately this commisary does NOT support the Americans!

It's sad, but nobody seems to care...

I stopped shopping from there 2 yrs ago. Now I'm using AUCHAN or IPERCOOP,

and amazing enough, most of the vegetables, fruits & meat are cheapper there than in commisary!

I only get cleaning supplies from them. I think if everyone stop shopping from there for 1 month,

maybe they will change their attitude and start being more helpful & responsible!  

Until then we enjoy the local markets.

08 Apr 2011
Re: Expiration Station

I don't understand how this could be allowed!?!!  I too have not checked labels before because I didn't think I needed to, only to find the items(s) well past expiration.  This is OUR Commissary, we shouldn't allow this to happen.

14 Apr 2011
Re: Expiration Station

ALL I HEAR IS THE WAH-bulance.  Grow up the commisary is a groccery store like every other First in First out. oldest in front to get sold. And for the Tool to ban shopping for a month ummm the military pays for it just like your military paycheck so yeah thats not going to work. OH no I am going to get flamed for this boo-f-HOO.

14 Apr 2011
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Re: Expiration Station

I just wanted to add a comment about shopping out on the economy.  If you ever have an issue, I am curious to see how much helpp any American would get from a grocery store on the economy.  It is really difficult to exchange merchandise, and virtually impossible to get money back.  Expired merchandise is sold on the economy as well, but I can see it being much more difficult to have to return it and exchange it over there.

18 Apr 2011
Re: Expiration Station

DeCA has an online complaint form.

Contact DeCA

Patrons who have not had success resolving concerns at the local level or who have other non-local concerns may contact us by completing the On-Line Customer Comment Form. This includes comments about your shopping experience, compliments and content suggestions for our web site.

The On-Line Customer Feedback Form is solely for use by those who have been contacted by DeCA's customer comment program manager to gather information to measure the program's responsiveness and effectiveness.

Do something other than complain on about it. DeCA does not read Naplesallhands.

Call the vet or the environmental health office if you have a complaint that is not corrected by the DeCA.

I buy boxed items, meat, cleaning supplies, milk and eggs. Fruits and veggies out in town.  Of course we also complain that about the soil quality that our local veggies are grown in.