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28 Mar 2011
Good Place for Facial

Anyone knows professional place for good, quality facial that could recommend? Need extraction, not just exfoliation, masks, massages…? If have good experience would appreciate the info. Thanks!



30 Mar 2011
Tim and Kristina
Re: Good Place for Facial

ashlynn stanley is a good person you can also find her on facebook and on here. it will say ben and ashlynn.

07 Jun 2011
Re: Good Place for Facial

  hello, just wanted to let you know that I do a number of different facials all of which include steam (with or without ozone depending on skin condition) and extraction where required. I do a clarifying facial which takes 75 mins. and is designed to deep cleanse, decongest, purify and balance the skin. My facial range is 100% aromatherapy based, paraben and mineral oil free. All the facials include a scalp massage, either a pressure point or lymphatic drainage massage depending on the requirements of the client and a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. Also while the masks are doing their magic I do either a hand or foot massage using organic hot wax and essential oils. If you would like some more info. please feel free to contact me - 334 297 8658 - Isobel O'Brien

27 Nov 2017
Re: Good Place for Facial

It's long  time now to reply here but have listened about the work of ashley about facial massage and i am really impressed. I am sure the business's going really well and wish good luck for future..