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14 Mar 2011
What a Goddsend!!

I have recently moved here and I got told about a guy that would help me out with setting up utilities, internet, cable.  He is AWESOME!!!  He was so super helpful and trustworthy!  He helped me out with getting my bombla (sp) set up and finding local stores to get fresh bread, veggies and cheeses.....  I had taken up about 2 weeks of his time... well, a couple hours almost everyday.  He had no complaints about any of my concerns.  He was more than willing to help me and for that I was grateful. He is an Italian that is married to a British lady. His family is wonderful as well. I think his wife works in the flower shop.

 He is very fluent in English and Italian. 

When it came time for me to pay him for his services, he told me to pay what I thought his time was worth.... even then, he thought what I was paying him was too much.  So, he took a little more than half of what I had offered him.

His name is Nicola Castillino and his # is 39 380 739 0105

If you need any help with Italian translations or help finding stuffs, stores, shopping or need help setting up services out in town, I am pretty sure that he would be more than willing to help you out too.

Good luck! 

*Nicola - if you by chance read this... GRAZIE MILLE*