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03 Mar 2011
PCS Sale

We will be PCS'ing soon and want to sell a lot of our stuff  including furniture but do not have the means to take all to the base to sell it there.  I was thinking of just having the sale in the garage of our home in Licola possibly next weekend but want to know if there would be any intrested people.  No specific times as we are probably going to be here all weekend.  I will try and post pictures later.  Thanks

04 Mar 2011
Re: PCS Sale

We just moved here and will be living in Lago Patria, so we'd probably be interested.

05 Mar 2011
Re: PCS Sale

You should do a sale, there are always people interested in buying stuff.

06 Mar 2011
Mary Jane
Re: PCS Sale

I understand not wanting to hull furniture to have it sit outside at the support site.  I would say that as long as you post pics (definately always post pics), using Naples Allhands would still be a good way to hold the sale. 

06 Mar 2011
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Re: PCS Sale

List all the big things you have for sale and maybe some little things, I am sure people would then be interested in driving there.