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28 Feb 2011
Stolen Jackets from NHS

My son came home today and his brand new London sweatshirt was taken from his seat while he was doing a class activity.  This is the third time a brand new jacket is taken from him at school.  The sweatshirt is dark blue, a crown on one side and a red british flag on the opposite side.. If your child comes home with a sweatshirt that does not belong to him and fits the description please contact me.  He is devasted that this is happening to him.

01 Mar 2011
Re: Stolen Jackets from NHS


you might want to go the school and cheack the lost and found.

Maybe your son just left it.

I always thought that people would do that to my son s stuff but then I foundout that  my son was forghetfull ,specially happening a few times,and I always found what he left behind.

My other son that is quite carefull has expensive jackets and always comes home with them.

Just an idea!

01 Mar 2011
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Re: Stolen Jackets from NHS

Hundreds of jackets are turned into the lost and found every year. If unclaimed after a period of time, they go to charity. Please advise your son (or go yourself) to check.  It's amazing how many beautiful jackets go unclaimed. 

14 Mar 2011
Re: Stolen Jackets from NHS


I can truly empathize with you. My son has now had 2 stolen, the nice fleece lined quick silver hoodies. I did go to lost and found and was told my son visits there daily. There wasn't one jacket in there. There are hundreds in the elementary school but not the high school. I am appalled by this, as a parent if my child came home with ANYTHING I did not purchase questions would be asked. That being said, this conversation would never take place because my kids would not dare bring it home in the first place, they would not want to suffer the consequences. 
I hope you get it back soon!