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22 Feb 2011
Maxwell - wanted to buy ad!

There was a post a few months ago warning those 'authorized' to sell on NAH not to sell to Maxwell (AKA Max).

I have to agree, Max is a hustler wanting to take or buy your items for absolutely nothing so that he can send everything back to Ghana to resell at his thrift store.

Yes, I agree - one persons trash can be anothers treasure, but I disagree with Max's whole intent to rip other people off using the things that he hustled out of us.

If he contacts you, he will need to be signed on base as he has no base access I have dealt with him and he is nothing but a huge pain in the rear!

17 Mar 2011
Re: Maxwell - WARNING-Proceed w/caution!!

  Wow! Thanks for the heads-up! Good to know. When he responded to my ads but wanted to be signed in, I was hesitant and told him that I wouldn't be able to do so. Glad to know my gut instinct was right. (He called me back a lot of times trying to set up a time before I found out he had to be signed on which I found somewhat annoying.)