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08 Feb 2011
Anyone that can work on a automobile

We have a 1995 Volvo that broke down about 1 month ago. The Autoport does not know what is wrong with it. It cranks and the engine runs, but it is a 5 speed and when you let off the clutch it does not move. It just makes a clanking noise. I called my family back in the States that own a automobile shop and they think that either the clutch is loose or something to that affect. If someone could please tell us what the problem is and if they know of someone that could fix it and let me know how much we would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you

Candra and Marshall

08 Feb 2011
Re: Anyone that can work on a automobile

sounds like your frined is right if it is a hydrolic clutch you might be able to top off the fluid and be ok but most likely you will need a new clutch installed.  if it is US spec you can look on they offer free shipping to fpo. 

25 Apr 2011
Re: Anyone that can work on a automobile

Depending on where you live, we know a guy, Vittorio, who is really reliable and a good mechanic and his shop is in between Baia and Fusaro, if you are heading from Baia going towards Fusaro, he is on the right hand side across from the old ruins of Baia

26 Apr 2011
Re: Anyone that can work on a automobile

if it still on base (grici) have the autoport take it to the hobby port next door. it is free towing on base only. the mechs there are pretty good with forgin motors