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26 Jan 2011
Car clubs?

Is there any type of car clubs or get togethers anyone know of? Big car person and curious to the car culture around here. Interested in starting one up if there are enough people.

12 Feb 2011
Re: Car clubs?

There's a local car club comprised of Italian local nationals and Americans.  It's headed up by a guy named James VanPatten.  The facebook page is called Italian and American Motor Club, shoot a message there.  Check us out.

19 Apr 2013
Re: Car clubs?

I got you covered:

So it has come to my attention, that there are a few people in Naples and the surrounding area looking for information on local car enthusiast events. If you’re a gear head (or married to one), brought your car over, or just curious about local car shows/racing events in the area. I have started a page dedicated to just that. If you have questions or concerns about anything from parts to paint I got you covered, just ask!