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21 Dec 2010
Good Language CDs for adults and children?

Does anyone know any good language CDs for Adults?  Children?  DVDs, whatever?


Also, are there plenty of Italian schools in Naples?  I would really like to get started learning Italian as soon as possible.  I'll pretty much be starting from ground zero.

We leave in two months and I pretty much know about three words in Italian.  THnks again for any an all advice.

22 Jan 2011
Re: Good Language CDs for adults and children?

Well, I ended up buying the Pimsleur Italian courses and started them about a week ago.  So far so good.  You listen to the course 30 minutes a day.  I have done it for 5 days now and really feel like it will make a difference.  I love the fact that you can buy the courses in 5 lesson increments (about $25 for 5 lessons).  It is not cheap, but at least you are only paying for what you use.

I am not in Italy yet so I am starting from scratch.  I think that this might be a little slow for someone who has some Italian language knowledge.