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21 Dec 2010
Temporary Living

Where did you live when you first arrived in Italy and you were looking for a house?  We are a family of 6, four children under 6.  Will we be living in a hotel room?  We are hoping to find a place off base and hear that it can take a while.  Is there furnished housing that will be available immediately to rent?

I'm being redundant now, lol.  Thanks for any advice!

22 Dec 2010
Re: Temporary Living

Hi Sharon. I saw nobody replied to you yet so I'll just tell you what I know (which isn't much) but I'll at least try to help out! :)
You will most likely be living in the hotel (TLA) They do have an apartment building set aside for people with pets needing TLA but not sure if that is also extended to large families. It would make sense if they did, I can't imagine living in one room with that many kids! Not to mention there just isn't enough sleeping space. Anyway, that's what I know. Told you it wasn't much :) I would recommend maybe calling housing if you'd like....or have your hubby talk to your sponsor about contacting them for you to inquire more about your options. The number for the housing office, calling from a non-base number, is 081-811-4285.

22 Dec 2010
Re: Temporary Living

Thanks Mandy, this board is sloooooooow sometimes.

06 Jan 2011
Re: Temporary Living

Ciao Sharon,

When you will arrive in Italy, the "hosing office" take care of everything ... They help you and your family, I advise you to find a house rapidly, the safe area is Pozzuoli BACOLI, Fusaro and Licola. - "Lago Patria" IS RED AREA - do not take home there.
Surely there are houses furnished but it all depends on budget.



07 Jan 2011
Re: Temporary Living

I live in castel volturno and have had no problems but it all depends on where the work is.

13 Jan 2011
Re: Temporary Living

First, it used to be required that anyone with dependants was required to live on base if anything was available. However, as of Jan 10, that rule has changed, and now everyone has the option. Second, you will be living in the hotel on base when you first get here. Your sponsor will set you up with that. The suites have a queen size bed and bunk beds in the bedroom and there is a sleeper sofa in the living room. Third, plan on being there for at least a month and a half, minimum. Even if you find a place you want to live immediately, the Italians at the housing office work extremely slow. We found a place within the first week we were here and it took over 2 months before we were finally given the keys. Honestly, with kids that young, I would recommend living on base because of the numerous other parents with children. The kids will be able to socialize more and even be able to play at one of the many parks. I haven't seen too many parks around out in town. I'm not a parent myself, but that would be one of my concerns.