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12 Dec 2010
Who's a good Orthodontist off base?

Where can I find a good Orthodontist?  We are a civilian family that is not able to utilize the military Ortho. 

09 Aug 2011
Re: Who's a good Orthodontist off base?

Hi, I heard there is an American ex-US Navy orthodontist, who has a practice in Naples near JFC.  Dr. Agi is his name and you can find him on the Tricare providers list. The dental clinic at the hospital has his contact information too.  Write me if you need more info. Diane.

12 Aug 2011
Re: Who's a good Orthodontist off base?

Why go to Naples when there is a great Orthodontist just outside the Support Site gate.  Dr. Roberto Santonocito a Tricare OCONUS Preferred Dentist.  He has a masters in Implantology and Prosthodontics.  His office is located above Patrick Automotors in Gricignano.  I have gone to him and he is dedicated to provide the best care possible.  He has many clients from retired military personal, military dependents and Italian nationals employed at the Support Site. His phone number is 081-813-1277 or cell  333-336-3688.  

18 Aug 2011
Re: Who's a good Orthodontist off base?

Dr. Agi is an Orthodontist...and where the dentist right outside the base is a General Dentist... last heard of ...he is not a Board Certified Orthodontist...meaning he can do basic ortho.  So depending on what one needs is the basis of which one would seek out.

14 Sep 2011
Re: Who's a good Orthodontist off base?

FYI, I went to Dr. Roberto today and he was absolutely fabulous!  Absolutely no hesitation in recommending him, and he is very accommodation and helpful.  I have no vested interest, just wanted to share a good experience.