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18 Nov 2010
Lost Kitten? Gricignano area


I will also be posting this in the ads as well.  There is about a 6-8month old white and grey tabby kitten that's been in the Gricignano area by the API.  The reason I'm posting this is because you can tell it is a family cat, and it also has a navy camo collar on with no tags.  It runs up to my porch and is very friendly and wants to come inside and am wondering if it's lost.  It is possible that someone dumped it, or let's it run free..and by the amount of feral cats in my neighborhood that's not a good thing.  I can't bring in my household because of the amount of pets I already have.  If anyone has any information please contact me.  Thanks!

18 Nov 2010
Re: Lost Kitten? Gricignano area

Hi Jenn,
Just one idea maybe if you could take the kitten to the vet here so they can check if it has a microchip? That might help so if someone around here is missing their little one, or dumped it, they can find out who it is! =) Hopefully he has one! *fingers crossed*