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08 Nov 2010
This guy who has been reselling stuff off base

Hi people,

this guy Maxwell/Max (who is probably going to change his name/nickname after reading this) has been contacting people to buy things or get things for free. Then he resells this stuff off base. He contacted me and some ladies I know here..

This person does not have access to the base  (he may find a sponsor sometime).

Well, it's totally up to you if you want to sell or give things to him. I won't. It's a  'black market' I do not like to support...

Feel free to agree or disagree...I really do not mean to judge you or your decision. I just wanted to express my opinion. Thanks!

11 Nov 2010
Re: This guy who has been reselling stuff off base

From what I understand I think what he is doing is more like donating things to a thrift shop (you being the one that donates unwanted goods and him being the one who sells it) or someone who buys things at a garage sale and then resells then on ebay. Back in the States there are plenty of knick knack shops/antique shops/trash& treasure...whatever you want to call them, that do the same thing, one mans trash is another mans treasure :) I dont have the time or the will to list all of my kids old toys and clothes on ebay so I'm happy to donate them to someone who'd like to make some money from it. He's not selling knock offs or importing things via the mafia and selling it on the streets to avoid import taxes (like the people that sell cheap cigarettes in the piazza or purses in the market) he's just selling things that one person didnt want anymore to someone who does. We can certainly agree to disagree, not trying to start one of those 30 posts debates! ;) just thought I'd share how it came across to me.