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07 Nov 2010
Froebel - a wonderful option to have

As I read the variety of experiences among school parents I am convicted to write of my experience. I had exclusively homeschooled my 4 children until last Jan. I was interested in non-DoDDS options but did not have time to research and enroll the children at the start of the 2009-2010 school year.  By January we were ready to enroll two in town and chose Froebel - it is close to the SS, has a high teacher/student ratio, offers great after school programs and school trips, and has a richly diverse and dedicated staff and administration.  Having never sent my children to school I dropped them at the door on the first day and figured the rest was up to the school (hadn't I provided all their educational needs while they were homeschooled?).   Luckily this knowledgable staff took me under their wings so to speak and have assisted me in working with my children to enhance and enrich their school experience.  The english speaking headmaster routinely corresponds with me on my children's projects, school work and educational as well as personal goals.  Thus, working in cooperation with parents, Froebel is able to give my children an experience of school, the Italian culture and language, and interaction with foreign communities which I could not provide at home.  Additionally, the staff evaluates each student's needs and tailors their curriculum accordingly.  My second grader has intensive language work three days per week to assist him in interacting with his peers and teachers and learning more from his lessons.  Additionally they have put my 5 year old in first grade - where she excels!!  They have high standards and challenge all to do their best and do not tolerate laziness while working within the students' limitations as well.  I have been here for 16 months now and have not heard anyone speak of a school experience in the SS area as highly as I have heard people speak of Froebel.  Any regrets? Yes, that we will not be here beyond July 2011 to reap the benefits of attending this school longer!!

09 Nov 2010
Re: Froebel - a wonderful option to have

We absolutely LOVE Froebel!!!!  Our two girls take Kung-Fu and Ballet after classes.  As Mary said, the English speaking headmaster routinely emails us with updates and info.


22 May 2011
Re: Froebel - a wonderful option to have

I am starting to look into the schools to send my daughter. She will be 4 in September and unfortunately missed the deadline for the Sure Start program. I was wondering how much Froebel is per month? And how much are the extra-curricular activities that they offer?   I would greatly appreciate any advice/input. 

10 Feb 2012
Re: Froebel - a wonderful option to have

I'm paying 210 euro for my son, he is 3.  This is fulltime school  7:30 till 3:30.

02 Apr 2012
Re: Froebel - a wonderful option to have

I'm so glad I found this post. I am completely unhappy with the CDC and would love to send my children to a school on the economy. I do have a few questions. Does that rate include meals? Also, I am a single mom in the military, would someone be able to pick my children up and keep them for an hour until i get off work?Thank youSara

22 May 2014
Re: Froebel - a wonderful option to have

Does anyone have any updated experience with this? We are moving to the area and have a 4th and 6th grader who have been homeschooled the entire time, and we too are interested in having them go to Itallian school so they can become bi-lingual and have that exposure. I am a GS Civilian so we will be living on the economy... any advise on areas to live would be more than welcomed as well. There will be 5 of us full time with a college kid visiting when he can.