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13 Oct 2010
Vehicle Sales!

Why do people try to rip everyone off (while I do understand supply & demand, we should be mindful of "value" as well) so much in the American community?  I just do not understand it.

I may be incorrect on my example here; but my view of this and so many others finally got the better of me!

So, let's look @ this ad -->

1) A 12 year old vehicle $4000 ... a comparable model's Kelly Blue Book in Norfolk is worth less than $3000 in EXCELLENT condition (there aren't many vehicles in Naples in EXCELLENT condition!).  I do understand the vehicle is not in Norfolk, but I tend to use that as a baseline for vehicle values as many vehicles that come to Naples originate in that area.

2) It seems the only reason people sell a vehicle is "DUE TO A PCS", really?

3) What struck me odd in this ad as well was "EUROPEAN specs" and the pictures are tagged from a Chevrolet dealership in Ohio ... maybe they used pictures "like" their vehicle, but was not stated.


Anyways, I am not trying to steer anyone away from this vehicle as I know nothing about it, but it happened to "break the camel's back" and have some examples for me to use.


13 Oct 2010
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Re: Vehicle Sales!

We have bought 3 cars here, 2 european specs and 1 american specs

The 2 european cars we paid less than 1500 american for. We bought a 97 and a 95. when the 97 came up with too many issues, we scraped it and got an american car which we bought for LESS than KBB value for 9k.

I think there are resonable deals out there, you just have to be willing to look for them and wait and not grab a car just because it is there.

I agree that many people, and ESPECIAlLLY the italian businesses (no disrespect but this has been my experience), inflate the prices, but if people were not paying them, then they would not be selling any cars, so its not just the car sellers that perpetuate the cycle.

If you dont agree with the price then dont buy the car. If people would stop paying these crazy prices then they would have to come down (that IS the law of supply and demand).

There are deals around, as I have experienced them and seen others get them as well.

14 Oct 2010
Re: Vehicle Sales!

You are so correct, it's not just the sellers that perpetuate the cycle!  And there ARE deals out there, we bought our second car last year for 15% less then KBB; but MY perception is that the deals are the exception and NOT the norm.

It just saddens me to see a "community" taking advantage of one another.

25 Oct 2010
Re: Vehicle Sales!

The Italian bussiness inflate the prices to cover their taxes the have to pay to change the car from italy to afi.

25 Oct 2010
Re: Vehicle Sales!

We bought an Italian car and it was only 250 euros for the transfer from italian to afi...

28 Oct 2010
Re: Vehicle Sales!

In addition to the transfer fee from Italian to afi plates there is also a 400euro 'passage of property' fee when buying/selling a car in Italy. I guess it's the equivalent of having the title transfered. It is the buyers responsibility to pay the fee although sometimes a dealership will offer to pay all or part of it. We recently bought a used car and the owner agreed to split the fee with us. 

29 Oct 2010
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Re: Vehicle Sales!

I wanted to add that the passaggio di proprieta' fee depends on where the car is registered.  This area is considerably more expensive that others when it comes to this kind of fee, unfortunately. :(  If you, however, were to buy a car from someone who is in Sigonella, for instance, and the car is registered down there, the fee is significantly chaper.