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07 Oct 2010
Froebel School

Could someone give me very good directions and the coordinates for the school. I am going tomorrow to look at it but tried to find it today with no luck it was prob right in front of my face too lol.


07 Oct 2010
Re: Froebel School


If you go to the website: you will find coordinates at the bottom left of the Home page!

07 Nov 2010
Re: Froebel School


My children, grades 1(Catherine) and 2 (Philip), attend the school - they will take the bus this M-W - it leaves from the bus stop outside the gate at 0800 if you want to follow it.  I also have been able to google a map to the school.  The address is via Cilea 49, 81031 Aversa.   Please let me know if you would like more information on the school.  I will drive to the school on Thursday and Friday if you would like to follow me on Thursday or Friday.      Mary