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03 Oct 2010
Doctors for kids here?

Hi y'all!  I'm civilian and just arrived with my 3 kids.  I want to know if anyone can reccommend a good doctor for kids since mine have some problems.  I heard that there is family practice and pediatrics and maybe some nurses too at the hospital on base.  Do they make you see somebody or can you request to see somebody thats good? Do militery doctors go to regular school because someone said that if they dont grad from med school they can still join and be a doctor here.  I dont know if that is true but i dont want my kids to see a dropout or anything.  What about italian doctors?  If anyone has people there kids go to and like plz tell me.  Thank you.

04 Oct 2010
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Re: Doctors for kids here?

My kids see Dr. Piu (sp?) in Pediatrics. We are civilians with base/hospital access and our own private insurance. Dr. "P" is excellent and I found him to be very knowledgable and well-read on recent medical advances, studies etc. I've heard other "thumbs up" from other parents as well.

I, myself have had two surgeries at the hospital and had an excellent experience both times.

To get checked in before making an appt, go to the Admin office on the right as you walk in thru the door. Someone will enter in your family info, insurance etc. into the database. Then you can call central appts and make an appt for a doc for anyone in your family.  If you need to see a specialist, then you do need to go to a primary doc first. I've been told that some special care is referred out to the economy if it's not available on base.

Hope this helps!

04 Oct 2010
Re: Doctors for kids here?

both the doctors pugh are good one is in obgyn and the other in peds. dr sengenberger is knew and he has a very good demeanor with kids. i would you ask to set up appts with different drs there ea time that way you and your children can get a "feel" for the all and then you  can make a well informed decision on your own. and the up side to that is if you had to see someone the "day of" with out a regular scheduled visit (ie your child is sick and needs to be seen) then your child can feel a little more comfortable being seen by someone they have already seen. my daughter has had SERVERAL MAJOR complications in her past med history she's fine now but ive been there before on the worst side of it. i trust them all. get to know them and ea has something different to offer. as far as them being drop outs. i know that there is extensive medical training and classes and schooling they all have to go through. ilt's not like they are letting people who think they know what they are doing experiment  on children and  or  ourselves. most of our coremen and drs work at civilian hospitals stateside and you'd never be aware of their military background. if you would like to see the italian drs you can. my daughter is going to have to be seen by an italian pediatric cardiologist. i will let you know that if you have no background in medicine or have never been treated in a facility outside the states it will be a shocker for you. most places outside the us don't have "pretty (aesthetically speaking)" facilities. everything is pretty stark and sterile looking and feeling. BUT THEY ARE GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO! the base provides a translator for you when you do go so the language barrier won't be as much of an issue. if your needs cannot be met here on support site then you will have to be seen else where and if its not "life threatening or potentially a major issue" they won't send you to a different base for treatment they will send you out in town first. it's entirely up to you as to what you feel will be best for your family but i still recommend checking ea doctor out on your own so you can make an informed opinion. we are our childrens best and at times only advocate. best of luck

16 Nov 2010
Re: Doctors for kids here?

Just to clear the air....All of the Doctors and Dentist....whether they are Navy, Air Force or Army...have been properly trained thru an accredited university.  There are no drop outs or special training received to see patients as a provider.  The corpmen receive training to do blood pressure checks, temps, and ask questions  thru triage...similar to the civilian sector.  Hope this helps.