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02 Oct 2010
New to Naples: Electrical Appliance Help

Hi, We're moving into our house in town in a month or so, and I've had a hard time getting really specific information about what I need for each electrical appliance. Orientation only covered this by handing out a brochure, which is helpful, but doesn't actually explain when to use a transformer vs just an adapter. I've gotten lots of general advice (i.e., things with heating elements don't work), but I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to take a look at the list below and let me know if it needs an adapter, transformer, or just buy a 220v. Thank you!

KitchenAid mixer
Food Processor
Toaster Oven
Sewing Machine
Computer Printer
DVD Player
Circular Saw
Jig Saw
Electric Drill

02 Oct 2010
Re: New to Naples: Electrical Appliance Help

All the listed appliances need a transformer, otherwise the motor will burn out immediately.  The newer computers and printers are usually made to use either power, look in your instructions to be sure.  If you buy 1000 watt transformers handle most things, except hair dryers and irons and some of the newer vacuum cleaners are 1200-1600 watts  - again check the appliance for what wattage it uses.  It should say on the appliance itself.  Hope this helps.  On the small appliances, it is probably easier just to buy 220v items.  

02 Oct 2010
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Re: New to Naples: Electrical Appliance Help

Yes Linda is correct. You will need a transformer for all but possibly your electronics. It should say on the backside if it's 220/230v compatible or 110v only. Note that housing gives you two 2000w transformers. We keep one in our kitchen and one in our den. We picked up some little 50W transformers at the NEX that just plug into the wall outlet for our toothbrushes, phones etc.

You can find transformers in various shapes and sizes for sale on NAH from those who are PCSing out. We picked up a huge bagful of plug adapters (needed for the many different types of European plugs and sockets-its pretty crazy), and several transformers this way.

You can also find 220v appliances secondhand or buy new at the NEX or Auschan.

Just remember to turn those big transformers off when you are done! They still draw the max voltage even if you aren't using what's plugged into them. They do have toggle off/on switches but we usually unplug from the wall just to be sure.

Good luck!


04 Oct 2010
Re: New to Naples: Electrical Appliance Help

Thank you for your advice!