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30 Sep 2010
American Friends Diner's Club

You've probably seen the ad under Community & Events. I want to share my experience so that others know what they may be getting into.

I joined this brand new club a couple of weeks ago. I was looking forward to meeting other Americans and English speaking people in the Naples area and having some great dining experiences at the same time. I suggested a venue for the club's first meeting and a date/time were set.


I invited another couple to come along and attempted to update the number of guests on my RSVP. However, the organizer set a limit on the number of guests. So I sent her a message...

"Hi ______,

Have you already made a reservation? Is that why you have

limited the number of guests we can bring? I have invited a few

other couples in hopes that they might like to join the club.

Some people like to get a feel for an organization first.

I am bringing my husband and another couple, for a total of 4

of us. If this is a problem please let me know as we will make

our own reservation.

Thanks in advance,



"You have been removed from American Friends Diner's Club.

The person who removed you said:

Christina,   As I have mentioned before, I would prefer that

new people simply sign up for the group. There is no obligation

to stay. There is no cost to them as there is to me. It only

takes a few minutes.  If they do not want other members to know

who they are, then they shouldn't come.  It is a new and

private group - I prefer members who will respect that.

All my best!"

I cannot understand why someone who is trying to "meet new American speaking friends" wouldn't contact me first. All that was needed was a little clarification. How can I respect something I am not aware of?

01 Oct 2010
Re: American Friends Diner's Club

WOW!!! That's horrible! My husband and I were going to join the club but after reading your post we have decided against it! I'm very sorry you were treated that way! Tell you what if you ever want to go out and explore let me know! :)

02 Oct 2010
Re: American Friends Diner's Club

Thanks Angel! I might have to take you up on that some time.