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21 Sep 2010
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Bus for Oktoberfest at JFC

I know there is a shuttle bus service offered from the Support Site to/from JFC for the Oktoberfest this coming Friday Sept. 24th.  Where can I get more details on this?  Is it free?  If not, does anyone know how much it is?  Also, I've heard that for this occasion ID card holders NOT stationed at JFC will be able to sponsor non-ID card holders.  Is it true???


Thank you in advance!

21 Sep 2010
Re: Bus for Oktoberfest at JFC

You may want to check this Friday's edition of the Panorama to see if they publish information about the bus.  Assume that it is a US-sponsored bus ride as I doubt the German delegation is footing the bill.

As for sponsoring, it is a crap shoot and depends on who is manning the gate, and I've had so many different experiences (using NATO ID, US ID, etc) that I couldn't really tell you what the policy actually is...sorry.

Plus, I'm not the military member, but the spouse for whom a whole other set of rules always.  :)