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20 Sep 2010
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Ischia spas

Hello there -

I would like to have some feedback on good spas who offer great deals in Ischia.  Also, what is the best way to get to the place where you board the ferry?  Do you drive and park?  If so, is there a safe and reasonably priced place where you can leave your car?  What about public transportation?


Thank you in advance!

29 Sep 2010
Re: Ischia spas

Ischia is FANTASTIC!! i highly recommend going only to posiden garden spas. check out there website. they are wonderful and dont forget lunch in the wine grotto. best bruschetta in italy by far.  i always take the ferry out of pozzouli. 8 euro each way. easy to find times on web as well. but be sure that your ferry returns to that port. you could take the train there. 10-15 minute walk to train station to port-that's in pozzouli or napli port by garabaldi station. i have drove to the port and taken the train. dont take your car to ischia though. wayyyyy to expensive and it's easy enough to use the taxis or bus system there. but go on a nice day. and no worries what you might look like in a bathing suit. most of the tourists there are not very fit or atteactive, so, lol, i always feel comfortable in my swimsuit there. lmao bring bathing cap if you have, or you can buy one there, and also, not kid friendly. there is a nice private beach and all, but children under 18 are not allowed in the thermal spas. hope you have a wonderful time there. :)