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03 Sep 2010
Pet stores for fish

I am about to set up at fish tank and I was wondering if anybody could give me some GPS to any local stores that sell freshwater fish.

Thanks in Advance

05 Sep 2010
Re: Pet stores for fish

this is walter, jelena's husband writing. jeremy i used to be an aquariologist and i was\am still a little expert of pet shops in the napoli area. well jeremy it depends on what you are looking for. if you are just looking for low price general fresh water fish, go to "uccelleria cotena" in via mario gigante in fuorigrotta, naples. if instead you are looking for specialized fish, (discus, pterophyllum scalare, cichlids) there are some specialized ones. i am giving you the nammes of the streets so you can gps them, maybe.. all of them are in naples.  via onofrio fragnito, very good place to buy discus; another one with very good quality of fish is in viale augusto in naples, slightly high prices bu tvery good quality. i am going to think over again an wil lpost something more in a few hours... remember that there's one of the most famous fairs for aquariology on 23 24 25 september in teverola at  jumbo mall... maybe we could go there together...