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02 Sep 2010
Camp Darby

Does anyone has the GPS coordinates to get to camp darby?


Thnaks so much

03 Sep 2010
Re: Camp Darby

If you click the link on the home page that is at the top that says GPS there are actually the coordinates to Camp Darby.

Hope that helps.


04 Sep 2010
Re: Camp Darby

My family and I stayed at Camp Darby last weekend, because we wanted to hit up Cinque Terre over the weekend.  We got the coordinates for the Sea Pines Lodge off the website, and they got us completely lost and on our GPS it said we arrived at our destination in the middle of the freeway.  Luckily, we had the names of a couple neighboring hotels 5 minutes from the base, so we headed towards those via our GPS and we ran into the base.  It was almost 11pm and pitch black outside so we were a bit panicked, but we found our way.  Here are the GPS coordinates to lodge on base, from right outside the registration office:
43 38'. 387" North
10 21". 603" East
There are 2 places to stay on this base.  The first, is Casa Toscana.  This place is a little nicer, has both American and Italian plug-ins, and provides a continental breakfast in the morning.  Has the basic mini kitchen from what I remember, our friends stayed here and I am going off memeory-fridge, coffee maker, microwave, etc.   Runs about 70-100+ dollars a night.
The Sea Pines is a little more standard, and was the only thing available on our last minute reservations.  It cost us $139 dollars for 2 nights, no breakfast-but clean, has a mini fridge, microwave, provides only instant coffee-but provides a coffee maker so bring your own, and provides dishes and such to use.  Only one US plug in, and that was in the bathroom.  There was a little Toscana grill across from the Toscana lodge that opened for breakfast.  A basic Commissary that was closed on Sundays and Mondays, a Shopette that provided the basics that a Mini-Nex would, and the NEX was VERY basic.
We didn't spend too much time on base, just used it as a basic point to stay and then have a breakfast before venturing out.  Hope this info helps!