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27 Aug 2010
Flu shots

I attended the elementary schools open house the other night.  they announced that the flu shots will be mandatory for all kids this year...Im wondering if anyone has any thoughts on that, and if anyone knows if the h1n1 will be mandatory as well.

28 Aug 2010
Re: Flu shots

I havent heard anything about it, but my Child is NOT getting the flu shot or the h1n1 shot.

28 Aug 2010
Re: Flu shots

Hadn't heard anything about the flu shots, but I do know that the 2nd chicken pox shot was required. 

The regular immunizations (against deadly communicable diseases) I understand, but the flu shot requirement seems to be overkill.

28 Aug 2010
Mary Jane
Re: Flu shots

I heard that the flu shot and H1N1 shot will be combined into just one shot this year.  I don't understand what the fear is about getting shot unless your kids have some kind of risk factor (like they've reacted to shots in the past).  This past year, I was the only one in the house that didn't get the H1N1 shot before January because I was the only one not eligible (remember this last year you had to qualify for the shots originally).  We all came down with H1N1 shortly after arriving in Italy in late Nov.  Everyone else was sick for a couple days.  I couldn't get out of bed for 2 weeks. 

28 Aug 2010
Re: Flu shots

The flu shot and H1N1 is indeed mandatory and will be given in one shot or as a nasal inhalant at school.  I have been adamant about my kids NOT getting it in the past and last year, they had to get it and I was so glad they were only sick for 2 days instead of most of the winter!

30 Aug 2010
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Re: Flu shots

Both my kids were VERY premature and have had the fly shot every year, neither have been sick with the flu or had but 1 or 2 days off from school in past years.  My daughter did get the H1N1 virus 2 years ago when there was an out break, she was VERY sick and you can catch it again so she will also be getting that shot.  This is truly a personal choice, especially when it comes to the flu shots but H1N1 can kill so we will go with the shot after seeing what the virus it can do first hand, and she only had it mildly.