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16 Aug 2010
Recycling Issue

 When reading the forum postings regarding the on-base garbage problem, one solution given to help with the trash overload is for people to recycle more. But especially now, with giving us fewer places to bring our recylclables as well as restricted hours in which to do so, I don't see this idea panning out; in fact, I think that the new recyling procedure will only make the garbage issue worse. Any ideas out there? I don't know many people who will go through all the additional time and trouble (in addition to the cost of having to purchase clear plastic bags) to take their recycs during only those certain hours.When you get down to it, won't all of those who don't live close to the sites and will need to haul their recyclables there be basically negating the benefits of recycling by taking them via their CO2-emitting vehicles? 

  Like I said, looking for some type of solution/ideas from the community and/or someone who reads this with power to make a change to reconsider and change the new present method. Until then, anyone for recyc-carpooling?