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09 Aug 2010
off base daycares

I am looking for daycare for my 19month old who will not be 2 until Dec.  We would love for her to go off base but are having seems the ones advertised are 2 and up.  Does anyone have any good suggestions or experiences??  Thanks!

11 Aug 2010
Re: off base daycares

hi. im taking my daughter to La favola school and you can find it in the panorama. it is located in aversa just close to support site. last school year im taking my 2 kids there 5 y/o and that time my daughter is 19 months old too. they are very nice and the school starts on sept. 1 . ill be taking my daughter again this school year because shes already use to it. if you have questions just let me know. thanks

30 Aug 2011
Re: off base daycares

hi I have posted an adv. I'm an Italian mother and a kindergarten teacher. I have previous experience in childcare and I really love children.I'm searching for a job in the morning. If you want more information please contact me 3490503255.