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04 Aug 2010
Looking for a Tattoo Artist

Does anyone know of a good tattoo artist in the area of Lago Patria, Vacaturo,  or that area?

Thank you!

05 Aug 2010
Re: Looking for a Tattoo Artist

The only tattoo artist I have had contact with has a shop in Giugliano not that far from the Auchan. The guy who owns the place is named Geni, he is a very friendly and speaks alittle english. Here is his website 

05 Aug 2010
Re: Looking for a Tattoo Artist

the most famous tattoo artist is in pozzuoli, his name is benny and he is in corso terracciano in front of the banco di napoli. he's very famous around here. i think he has a website his name is magic benny check it out!!!

18 Aug 2010
Re: Looking for a Tattoo Artist

I have to good friends that are tattoo artist in Giugliano. There number is 08119662779 (I know it has a lot of digits). They are really good guys and have done over 30 hrs. of work on me. If you want directions go to google maps and type in tattoo shop giugliano italy. The top selection is Anima Sottopelle that is them.