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04 Aug 2010
Best Cameo Factory to visit

Anyone know a good cameo factory to visit with decent prices?

Thanks :)

04 Aug 2010
Re: Best Cameo Factory to visit

I do not know if they are the best, but there are 2 cameo places near each other on Vomero hill, near Castle Sant Elmo. They both said that they help supply cameos to the military exchanges and both have people there that spoke English. You can go to both and price compare since they are so close to each other. Make sure to mention you are military since one of them specifically says they give military discounts. Both seemed nice and one allowed me to watch them work on pieces. The trip up there is also totally worth going if you have not been up to the castle on Vomero hill, spectacular views. Hope that helps.

09 Sep 2010
Re: Best Cameo Factory to visit

I would also consider Bimonte in Sorrento, they offer discounts to Nato and Military members. I personally buy all my coral and cameos from them. Really nice family and they custom make whatever you like. They are not a factory, but a family owned shop.