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31 Jul 2010
School Supplies

My son is starting kindergartner in August. I am trying to find a school supply list. I see from the Dodea link a generic list, but I was wondering if there are any other items he may need. Does anyone else have experience with this grade level here in Naples and what was required? Regardless, I will call the school on Monday to see if I can find a better one.

01 Aug 2010
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Re: School Supplies

Sheila, The generic list will be fine, they split everything up once they start school (at least in most classes) I really would not worry about it too much.  I know in Kinder when it comes to crayons and pencils they usually have a bowl of some sort which each tabe shares, same with the glue and scissors.  You should get a list of the "specials" so you will know when PE is as they don't like them to wear jeans (sweat pants are best)  and always have tennis shoes on them for this class. 

You can pick up a lunch menu at school or on the web site nearer the time or your child can bring their own lunch box.  Don't worry about HW pocket folders as the class "usually" supplies them, if not he/she will only need one.   Snacks are on a weekly schedule provided by parents (the class size varies but you can bet it's only about every 18 to 23 weeks per parent to supplie a snack for the class)  Hope that has helped some, feel free to call me if you have more questions (we have been here 6 years) I worked at the school for 4 before my new job.

Joanne 629-5738