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26 Jul 2010

hello i am looking for someone who is interested in making some extra money. i am awaiting a job at the navy exchange here on support site. my daughter is number 8 at the cdc but who knows when that will open up for her. i am looking out in town as well for schools but with the italian aug coming many schools are closed. please let me know if you can refer anyone or are interested yourself. thank you

27 Jul 2010
Re: childcare

were do you live.

i know somebody she is italian very very nice lady .She babysitted my son .


let me know the time and how mnay days a week and i will oass the info.

Alsoo how much you would pay.



27 Jul 2010
Re: childcare

i live on ss but if it's not far and im comfortable with her i would be willing to drive a bit. well im looking into little learners right now but i know they only go 3 days a week so depending on my work schedule and my husbands is when i'll need her

28 Jul 2010
Re: childcare

Do you need care everyday and how old is your daughter?  I live on base and am a mom of twin boys.  I do babysit for other people when they need me. 

01 Aug 2010
Re: childcare

I have my daughter go to an italian school in Succivo- it's called the Care Bear school. It's very affordable (I pay 80 Euros per month) and my daughter can go Mon- Sat. if you would like any more info, you can contact me. 629-5349


Good Luck!