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22 Jul 2010
Juice Plus

hi, does anyone know of someone here that sells JuicePlus supplements? Thanks, Kathy

23 Jul 2010
Re: Juice Plus

Hi Kathy,

I bought a box of Juice Plus (Vegetable and Fruit) but ended up not using it.  The containers are still sealed.  Would you be interested in buying it?  Pam

28 Jul 2010
Re: Juice Plus

I just now saw that you replied, sorry for not responding sooner. I was hoping to get the kids chewables, I'm not sure if my kids can swallow the adult ones. I also have no idea what prices are now since I've not bought any in several many bottles and what are you asking? and could I buy just 1 or 2 and see if they can even swallow them? 

Thanks, Kathy