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22 Jul 2010
School Bus between CAPO - JFC

Does anyone have a child / kids that attend either the Montessori School or International School at JFC?

There is an opportunity to secure a school bus for the coming school year whereby our kids can be picked up from CAPO and delivered back to CAPO at the end of the school day.   This makes the daily routine less stressful, especially by allowing us parents to avoid the daily roundtrips through Agnano traffic!

If interested, let me know and I can get you in touch with the Mom who is coordinating for us.  We have 7 kids signed up as of today, but need 3 more!!



05 Sep 2010
Re: School Bus between CAPO - JFC

Hi, I am interesetd in bus transportation from Lago Patria (where we live) to JFC. My daughter attended the International school in Lago Patria but hated it.

I was thinking to move her to one of the schools in Bagnoli, could you please explain the difference between the Montessori school and the International School? My child is going to attend 3rd grade and I would like to know more. Thanks in advance, Cristina

06 Sep 2010
Re: School Bus between CAPO - JFC


06 Sep 2010
Re: School Bus between CAPO - JFC


The bus would be from Capo to JFC, not Lago.  Sorry. 

As to the difference between the Montessori and International School - I think it depends on the way your kids learn.  Both are good schools, so a visit would be advised.  Not sure about admittance to the International School - think some grades are at capacity and waitlisted.  May need to inquire.

I do know that the International school is slightly more expensive and does not offer the before and after school care that Montessori does (for a fee, of course).

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!