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18 Jul 2010
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Zapping Mosquitos

Anyone had any luck with the plug-in bug zappers they sell at the NEX? I don't know the brand name off hand, but they come in different sizes and are supposed to create a mosquito-free zone. Any consumer feedback on this product or another that works well would be great! We need to find a solution for our patio and pool area, which has become unusable come dusk. Citronella products don't work and I would prefer to avoid strong pesticides.


18 Jul 2010
Re: Zapping Mosquitos

I wanted to buy one but the price kinda threw me off, that and you need a transformer to plug them in if you are using it on s.s. at least when I asked the guy in the bike shop if it would work he told me that is what we needed, which ... just was more fuss than it was worth to me. We are having a huge issue with flys and we have bought just about everything trying to get rid of them, so far the best thing (naturally the most unattractive) is the things that hang from the ceiling, the little sticky ribbons. They might be ugly, and its gross to see the flys stuck up there, but at least I know in the last 2 days they have been sitting there, they have killed quite a few.

19 Jul 2010
Re: Zapping Mosquitos

this is an old country thing but it works. hang ziploc bags filled with water on the ceiling of your patio it will ONLY keep flies away. it acts as a big lens and magnifies everything for them and they are nervous and think a predator is coming so they won't bother

23 Jul 2010
Re: Zapping Mosquitos

 Sounds like your problem is pretty severe so I don't know if these ideas will help, but here goes. Another old trick is to use a special bug trapping jar. Food is put inside and hung. The fly can fly (up) into the jar, but not (down to get) out of it. I have seen them around somewhere off base, I'm just not sure where. I will keep my eyes peeled and let you know where they are located when I see them again or you might want to do an online search or try it with an old plastic water bottle.  

 We bought an electric bug-zapping racket (looks a lot like a tennis racket) off base. Works great indoors as well when they decide to visit.  

 Where's those big lizard when you need them??