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18 Jul 2010
Curtain hanging in SS housing???

The subject said it...... HELP?
I really really want to hang my curtains in my living room. Lets keep in mind we have tried: getting the long rods from Ikea along with hardware (screws and screw anchors) Problem being these walls just plain crumble whether we try the anchors, nails, screws, anything! We did get one rod to at least stay in the wall, but adding the weight of the curtains, the anchors just slipped right through the wall and the whole thing came crashing down. :( Maybe I'm missing something.
Our only other option at this point I can think of is maybe a tension rod. It would be far from ideal...but maybe would at least work? In that case....where, if anywhere, could I find one long enough?

18 Jul 2010
Re: Curtain hanging in SS housing???

Well depending on what type of curtains you have, you  can just buy the clip on hooks and hook them to what is already up there.  I actually bought the old school hooks that are used for heavy curtains and sewed them to the curtains and the hook in great.  Check IKEA or Leroy Merlin for those.  If you need plaster just pick some up at Leroy Merlin or ask the trouble desk..Good Luck.

18 Jul 2010
Re: Curtain hanging in SS housing???

We drilled holes in the wall with a concrete bit and then put the screws in.  My curtains are still up!