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16 Jul 2010
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Re: Garbage and being told you MUST live on base

Kim, sorry, I tried to post under your link (post reply) but it kept telling me to insert text, which I am guessing was this (I think?) anyway I could not get it to post.  So here's my reply, I hope it helps :)


We have lived on base for 6 years (yes you read it right LOL) We moved on base solely for our 2 children who were then 6 and 9.  It has been wonderful for them, given them the independence to play outside, ride bikes, walk to friends homes, walk to and from school and now they are 12 and 15 go to the pool, NEX, food court, movies all by themselves, and the best thing no driving back and forth for school events and after school clubs. 

They have learned and earned their independence as they are both very responsible.  We have asked them in the past if they wanted to move off base and both refused.  Now having said all that, my husband and I would have loved to have lived on the economy in a beautiful house and maybe we would have done if there had been only us. But after years of living here and seeing "certain things, good and bad" we don't regret our decision. 

No matter where you live, make the most of it and remember it is only temporary.  We get off the base a lot for restaurants, malls and of course loads of travel.  My daughter also has riding lessons out in town and now in show jumping competitions all done out in town and the surrounding area.