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15 Jul 2010
Garbage and being told you MUST live on base

  Having only been here for 10 days and can't help but notice the trash piles getting bigger and bigger.  I am curious to know how long the base will actually let it sit there and rot until it is picked up.  I know the history of trash pick up for the Naples area.  In addition, during our AO brief it was mentioned by housing and other speakers that the population on base is currently 98%.  I have quite a few friends with 3 children or less who just arrived as well and are being told by housing that they must live on base as there are 15 four bedrooms available. Quite a few of these people want to live OFF base and have taken quite a bit of time in looking for houses due to previous comments.  Are there any families off base that would like to live on base?  Just a couple of things off the top of my head.  Please fire away with comments about your time here. Thanks.    

15 Jul 2010
Re: Garbage and being told you MUST live on base

I have heard that it is better/more convenient to live on base when you have a family, but if it is a family with no kids then it is better living off base. I dont know I'm single and live off base and as long as you get a great landlord and apparently get lucky with your house selection then it is great to live off base.