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06 Jul 2010
Private American School.

Does anyone know about a private school out in town that is ran by Americans.  The are suppose to be only about 10 minutes from Support Site.  I really would like to know the name of this school so I can see about enrolling my 3 year old son.  If you know of any schools that are good please give me the info so I can check them out. 



06 Jul 2010
Re: Private American School.


07 Jul 2010
Re: Private American School.

We love little learners. My daughter is 3 1/2 and went three days a

week this spring and will continue 3 days a week in the fall. My son

will be starting two days a week in the spring. There are 2, 3, and 5

day programs depending on your child's age and what you want. The 2 yr

olds go Tuesday/Thursday, 3 yr old class MWF, 4 yr old class MWF, and

the 5 year olds go five days a week. The five day program is

kindergarten. My DD will be in the 4 year old class next year but most

of the kids in that class turned 4 last year.

The teachers are

great and love the kids. There isn't a website, but you can email Donna

at or call her at 348-855-3322. She is the

director. Right now they have summer session going. It is Tuesday,

Wednesday, and Thursday of each week if you are interested in seeing the

school and meeting some of the teachers.

If you have any other

questions just email me back.

To get there from the SS take a

right on the SS7 off base and exit at the Carinaro exit. (That is the

next exit.) You will come to a roundabout which you will take the third

exit. (3/4 around the circle) Take this road to the very end and it

will come to a T intersection. Take a left and you will see an overpass

a short distance down the road. Immediately after this overpass you

will take a left. An open concrete field will be on your right, unless

it is Friday and it will have the Teverola market. Turn right after

this field, you will see a restaurant across the street from the field

when you turn. Little Learners located down the 2nd gated alley.

There is a buzzer that says Little Learners. If you buzz it Donna will

let you in.

10 Jul 2010
Tim and Kristina
Re: Private American School.

I am going to take my son there he will be 2 in august I heard it was a great school my ent doc kids go there.

21 Jul 2010
Re: Private American School.-Alisha


Thank you so much for posting this information.  I called the school and have an appointment to see it.  The way you've explained it makes me feel very comfortable about taking my daughter there.  Do you get some sort of discount for referring people..just checking if I should give you the well deserved credit.


Again, thank you so much

12 Nov 2010
Re: Private American School.

Does Little Learners provide bus transportation back and forth from SS? Also, are they open in August or are all the schools closed in August?