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05 Jul 2010
Travel Section on NAH

I think we need a travel section on NAH to leave reviews of USO and ITT trips we have been on and trips we have done on our own. I personally would like to see how other people liked the different ITT and USO tours before I spend my money.

07 Jul 2010
Re: Travel Section on NAH

I agree! That would be an amazing resource to have, sort of like a TripAdvisor for Naples. Sometimes when you read the description you notice you really don't get more than you would if you had just done it on your own. My family and I almost did an ITT, 3 day trip one year to Dublin that would have cost us around $1500 for 2 adults and 2 children. When we booked the tickets on our own, researched our own hotels, and simply bought a book to guide us? We did the trip for less than $600 (airfare and hotel) so the rest of the money easily went towards activities and shopping that would have gone solely for the air/hotel + 1 day of guide. 

 Goes to show you that sometimes, on your own is just better!