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07 May 2009
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10 Jun 2010
Anyone with info on the DeFurburlizer?

Don't remember the exact name of the thing, but the NEx sells it on the pet care aisle and I've also seen it advertised online. Supposed to get rid of lots of hair off of your cat and dog. (Much more than brushing alone.) Anyone ever used one of these things? I'm afraid that after spending 24.95, my cat might make me a bloody, scratched-up casualty.

10 Jun 2010
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DeFurb works great!

Brian I ordered ours online via Amazon. We have a large size for our two big hairy dogs. It works as advertised, and has made a huge difference. It removes the undercoat, so works really well on long hair or thick haired pets. Its less effective on our Rottie but amazing on our Shephard/lab mix. Hope this helps.