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08 Jun 2010
"Red Zone" Casal Info for All

(Sorry, guys. Didn't realize that only the title of all my good info went through!)

The "Red Zone" or "No Lease Zone" I am writing about refers to an area in Casal and the surrounding areas (San Cipriano, Villa di Briano, Casapesena, etc) that have had their water/soil/air around the soil tested and have it found hazardous. Our family lives in this area. Anyone who moves out of this area for any reason besides PCSing (a move that cannot be negotiated) needs to be aware of what will probably happen when you try to vacate the area.

Since the home cannot be leased again to military or civilians, (it can be leased to NATO and contractors, however) the landlord will probably do what seems to be common practice here--prey on your emotions in the attempt to keep the cash cow from exiting the building. In talking with others, we have heard some interesting lies--one being that the mafia was going to kill the landlord if the tennant moved out. Ours told us that they would lose their home--a pretty hard thing to be responsible for when they're your "Italian Family." They then offered us a E400 kickback monthly if we would stay. (And this practice is obviously so prevalent that one of my husband's Italian students asked, "And what did they say the $$ was for??") The answer the landlord gave us was "E200 for each of our children." And then they went on to say that they would pray and ask God to bless us! (My relationship with the Lord is worth a whole lot more than the whole rent!)

We didn't take the bait, and so they have gone from "love," to money, to blood. They have tried to make our lives miserable every chance that they get. We wanted to move to a home with a pool so that my son who has Asperger's could have therapy, (He recently got cut out of OT and PT) but now we will be moving on base and hoping that we can work with what we have to at least partially acheive our goals for him. He is hyperactive and easily distractable, so this will be a difficult task in a public pool full of kids, noise, and diversions.)

So, bottom line is that I want the American public at large that lives in the Casal area to be informed and aware in case they find themselves in the same situation. We wish Housing would have clued us in, as I'm sure they're very familiar with this behavior--none of the workers acted the least surprised when we told them. They sure would have saved us a lot of emotional grief!