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04 Jun 2010
Is there Live Music at Georgio's Cafe this Sat?

I know that Georgio's Cafe (formerly Moraders) in Pozzuoli usually has live music on Saturday Nights during the Spring/Summer, but with the German fest he is holding this weekend, is the Music still on? And if anyone knows, what is the American group that plays there often? I am also in need of the actual address/ or GPS coord of the Café for my friend to use her GPS. Thanks!

16 Jun 2010

There was amazing music at Giorgio's Cafe last weekend both Friday and Saturday night.

The Address is 6 Via Carmine

There are several groups that play there quite frequently

The female singer group is Alena and her band

The Jazz Trumpet player is Gary Marvel

There is a facebook group called Amici di Giorgio's Cafe. If you join Giorgio will send you the weekly music invites.

He is also doing world cup stuff when Italy or US plays. :)