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02 Jun 2010
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All info can be found at this link. including how to fill out the paperwork and directions.

The MAPS are VERY ACCURATE. They are not hard to follow at all (I am very bad with directions and could easily follow this and find the places! Yes, I have been there.)

Parking at the Grici Post Office can be difficult at times. I would suggest finding these places weeks or months ahead of time and then saving it to your GPS so you do not have to worry about getting lost on the day you need paperwork.

This and other useful info can be found at the Base Vet's Website:

Its best to contact the base vet ahead of time to confirm that these laws still apply. The Italian goverment can change this info at any time.

Remember that you must make appointments with the BASE VET and will have to wait for these sometimes more than a month.

If you have a pet, it would be a good idea to print this out and have all your records for your animal in one place so you know where the info is and what needs to be done ahead of time! It is best to keep these with other important information such as birth certificates or military orders so you do not forget where they are and can be easily located.

If you have a dog, it is highly suggested that you have the Leishmaniasis testing done yearly, along with your yearly heartworm test, to find out if your dog has it or not (test is good for 12 months!). This means that if you get sudden orders to leave or your dog has the disease, you will not be caught unaware of what needs to be done and the test is complete.

The official test requires about a 30 day wait for the results, however the base vet can do a simple unofficial test, which is cheaper and the results are immediate. This way you know the status of your dog i.e. if the dog has the disease then you are aware in enough time to know the dog can not be shipped out of Campania but must be shipped out another way.

It is VERY expensive to ship an animal out either by Commercial airlines or Cargo. This can be as much as $1500 per animal or more! AMC flights, while cheaper, easier and the best way to go, may not be available. They may not have a spot for your animal, your orders may get messed up, something could go wrong with various factors.

Therefore it is highly suggested that you begin saving for these expenses as soon as you get here or take in an animal. Begin a savings account just for your pet! This way if something happens and you do have to ship your pet, the money is available to you with out killing you financially. If you dont have to use the money for your pet, you can use it for your family.

Think about it:

$50 dollars a month times 12 months = $600

Multiply that by the average 2 year tour and that is $1200 dollars which will typically cover shipping a small - medium pet.

You can save this easily by choosing not to go out to eat or drink one night a month and instead putting that money aside. If you choose not to save, then you may be choosing between today's gratification or your pet's life.

The more money you save per month the less you have to scramble to come up with when the time comes to ship.

If you can not afford to ship an animal, its best not to get an animal.

If you need help with budgeting or financials, you can see your CFS,Command Financial Specialist, the Fleet and Family Support Center, or the NMCRS. You can also ask a close friend or call Military One Source.

This information is out there in numerous places and easy to get a hold of with a little effort.

It takes time and planning to take your animal with you. This is a fact of life. If you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on an animal or take the time to plan to get an animal home with you. Do not get an animal.

Yes, it takes some work but it is not that difficult unless you fail to plan. Planning ahead, saving money, and researching ahead of time takes care of any excuses one may have for not keeping an animal.

17 Jun 2010
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More info for flying with pets..

The above link has even more information for flying with your pet. The information provided covers travel tips, the new rules for importing animals to the US and ALL contact info for the airlines that ship pets. It tells what breeds are restricted, embargo information, contact information, and who to contact if you are shipping in cabin, cargo or as baggage.

Information is available in easy to read and print out articles.

22 Jun 2010
Recently PCSed back to the States from IT

and wanted to share my experience getting our dog back with us. Angela is right on with everything she's posted above. LISTEN TO HER!!!!

We flew commercial and had to get the pet passport, etc. When getting the Italian MO at the Post Office, don't go to the PO in Grici unless you JUST ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO, and if you must go there, go as soon as it opens. There is no where to park at the Grici PO, so have someone drive you so that they can just drop you off. I highly recommend going to the PO right outside the gate at Capo. I waited in line maybe 15 minutes, and was on my way.

When you go to the ASL vet make sure you have ALL of your paperwork. I took my dogs medical record with me just to be sure I had everything. I ended up having to make the trip to the ASL vet TWICE because my pets file didn't have the rabies vaccination certificate SIGNED BY THE BASE VET. Make sure you have this in your pets file BEFORE making the trip to the ASL vet, along with the results of the LEISH test. I recommend going to the ASL vet first thing in the morning as well. That way, if you end up having to go back to the base vet for something, you still have time to get back to the ASL vet before they close that day. The GPS coordinates for the ASL vet that are on the handout from the base vet were RIGHT ON!!!

After making ourselves crazy getting all the necessary paperwork to get our dog out of Italy legally, NONE OF OUR DOGS PAPERWORK WAS CHECKED AT THE NAPLES AIRPORT!!!!! I know this happened ONLY because we had done absolutely everything by the book, and were standing at the ready with our dogs paperwork in hand just waiting for someone to ask for it.

Also, we didn't have to pay for each connecting flight. This was important for us, as we did the Naples, Munich, Chicago, Seattle route. We didn't pay for our dogs ticket until we landed in Chicago, and even then it was ONLY $250 IN TOTAL for our dog to fly cargo for the ENTIRE trip.

Again, just my .02! Hope it helps someone who is preparing for their pets trip home. Ciao!