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23 May 2010
Mrs. James
Looking 4 Hair Dye

I'm looking for hair dye of unusual colors. There isn't a Hot Topic here where I can just pick some up. Also, HT does not ship that kind of stuff overseas. I've tried Yahoo Answers in IT but many were harsh over there with their "lean Italian" comments. (I've been here since March so wtf, rude). Anyone know where I can get the hair dye I am looking for? Thank You?


24 May 2010
a few ideas

Do you have someone stateside that could pick up what you need and ship it to you over here? I have had to do that a lot in order to get products they won't ship overseas. Just make sure who ever sends it puts it in the big ziploc bags in order to avoid a big mess in transit.

You also might try They have been invaluable to me here as well. You end up paying double shipping, but if it's something you can't live without it's worth it! HTH!