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21 Apr 2010
Ants in Base housing...

Anybody else having a horrific time with the ants inside your apartment? I am being told it is all over base, but i wonder if that is just a way for them to ignore my problem. I have ants coming from EVERYWHERE. Floorboards, cracks in the tile, pipes, ceilings, you name it, there coming. Just wondering if anyone else was struggling with this. Let me know!

21 Apr 2010
Ants in Base Housing

Amy, we had ants really bad when we moved to a downstairs apartment last summer. Extremely bad. We were told there wasn't anything to be done, so my husband bought a caulking gun and just plugged up the spots where they were entering from, about ten spots in each room. We haven't seen one since then. Just watch their trail to find the holes, sometimes they're so small you can't find them any other way.

21 Apr 2010
More than 50 messages post

There are ant pesticides you can purchase but be careful around pets and kids. Caulking is a good idea too. I have ants in my house off-base, and have sprayed around my windows and doors on the outside which seems to be helping.

I also had them in TLA which was on the ground floor. I sprayed around the doors where they were coming in and it made a big difference.

22 Apr 2010
Not Ants but Silverfish

We don't have an ant problem not sure if living on the 2nd floor helps but we do have a HUGE silverfish problem, they are all over the place. We've ordered pesticides and they still keep popping up. The housing office told us there was nothing that they can do, it was our issue to deal wit.

But in Hawaii, we used Bay leaves (the herb) and that seem to keep the ants at bay.

22 Apr 2010

When we first got here we had silverfish, but I figured it was because we still had boxes and paper laying around. I found that whole cloves scattered around works very well and can be put in drawers, closets, etc. Smells good, too :0

22 Apr 2010
Ants and things

I also have an ant problem. I will be caulking as well after finding where they are coming in from. Hopefully your housing manager is anti-american Nunzio who tells everyone its there fault and they have to deal with it.

26 Apr 2010
Ants gone in 3 days

We live off-base and all of a sudden ants were coming in the kitchen window last week. They walked right PAST food, so it seemed they had other intentions. I went to the Commissary & bought 2 packs of ant traps (they come 4 to a pack) & put them in corners of the ant paths & I picked up a spray can of eco-friendly ant spray (weird) @ the Commissary as well. Used the spray a few times & everything seemed to work.

27 Apr 2010
Chris & Fran
It is bad all over base

We live on the ground floor and had them last spring and this spring as well. Last year we were the only people we knew who had ants. This year, it seems like everyone has them, including those on the third floor. There's not much you can do, honestly. They burrow from the outside in, so if you see bits of dust that looks like pepper, that's from the ants. It seems to be worse this year, but I'm hoping they will disappear around summer like they did last year.

I looked outside under my back porch today and saw a HUGE ant hill. No wonder there are so many of them this year.