Naples All Hands Rules and Guidelines for the Forum

This Forum is dedicated to the community and all NAH members are invited to participate.
By participating, you are agreeing to the rules and guidelines we have created and outlined for you.

We believe in using "Netiquette." Please treat and interact with people using the same respect and courtesy that you would like others to give you. Be sure to review your entries before posting to ensure accurate information as well as to avoid any misunderstanding due to poorly worded posts.
If you feel that another member's posts are inappropriate, email

In the spirit of the NAH Community please help keep our boards a fun and welcoming place for members.

And now the official rules and guidelines:

NAH Forum Rules:

• You agree not to hold or its members liable for anything stated within the Forum. Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster. NAH Admin makes no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained within the Forum.
• NAH Admin reserves the right to remove, edit or delete without notice any and all content placed in the Forum.
• If you have a problem with any action please email
• NAH Admin reserves the right, but does not assume the obligation, to monitor communications that occur in this Forum.
• It is your responsibility to be familiar and remain updated to current NAH Forum Guidelines. All users of NAH Forum must comply with these guidelines. Infractions of any guideline may result in revocation of accounts.

NAH Forum Guidelines for Posting:

1. Posts, nicknames, signatures, avatars, and general content that are inflammatory, vulgar, sexually explicit, inappropriate, rude or otherwise will not be tolerated and will be removed.

2. Always be respectful of each other, and NAH members. Be civil, clean, and decent in all posts. Open discussions of varying points of view are encouraged but only if they remain constructive and not inflammatory. Flaming or personal attacks are not allowed or tolerated. Anyone using/ posting inappropriate content, language, starting personal attacks, engaging in hate speeches and rants, or being disruptive to the Community's positive environment may be barred from all further discussions and/ or the NAH Community completely.

3. NAH Forum is not a venue for personal or private vendettas or causes, including political debates. If you become involved in a dispute or have a problem with another Forum member, please email

4. Links to adult content, pages with links to adult content, or messages describing anything inconsistent with the NAH Community Forum Guidelines will be removed.

5. Do not post copyrighted material (e.g. Articles) written by others without permission.

6. Do not include names or links to competitor sites or names/ contact information.

7. Do not use NAH Forum with Commercial intent. Post your ads on the appropriate page. You may not publish or discuss any information regarding your product or services, or future (possible) products or services, or any product or services you are, or have been, associated with. This includes, but not limited to suggesting your own services, or services of partners, clients, employers or friends.

8. Keep your posts/discussions on topic, and within the subject of the Forum.

9. Anyone posting another member's personal or website details, without permission, will be banned. Please do not, nor is it advised, to post sensitive or confidential information about yourself or other members (i.e. account information, private communications with NAH staff, etc.). If such information is needed please email it to

What Happens if I Break the Rules?
Many times members don't realize that they have gone against guidelines. That is why it is your responsibility to always remain up to date with all NAH rules and guidelines. Please keep in mind that all infractions are different, and will be handled on an individual basis.

Thank you,

NAH Staff